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מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Sticky Post

January 1st, 2020 (10:32 pm)

I figured I should probably have a welcome post and a masterlist of fic, so here it is!

If you friend me, I'll friend you back. It might be nice to leave a note somewhere saying you're going to friend me, just so I know who you are. :)

Fic on this journal is probably not going to be updated anymore - the only potential exception to this is the Perfect Blue Skies series, because I still regularly think about that, and am likely to start writing in it again if I find time. I apologise to anyone who's waiting for updates on other fic.

Masterlist of Fic...Collapse )

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

AYSCM Notes - Translations, etc

April 3rd, 2013 (02:03 pm)

Hi guys!

I'm sorry it's been so long since there was an update for AYSCM. I've been busy, and that business took me out of the flow of writing it, and now I'm having some trouble getting back into it. I hope that it will be finished, but I don't see it happening quickly. I'm really sorry about that.

Now, a few people have asked me along the road if they could translate the fic into various languages, and I originally asked for people to wait until it was finished. I am now lifting this request. If anybody wants to translate, podfic, etc AYSCM, I am fine with you doing so. Of course, I'm also fine with people waiting until it's completed, and that makes perfect sense to me. :) The only thing I would like is to get a link if it comes to fruition.

There have been cases with more than one person asking to translate to the same language. Since my knowledge of translation (I spend much of my time translating texts from Hebrew and Aramaic to English) tells me that each translation is an interpretation and thus is very different, I don't mind this happening. If you do, however, leave a note in the comments and other people can see if there'll be some crossover.

Thanks for everything, guys. :)

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]


November 20th, 2012 (07:43 pm)

Sirens (red alert missile warnings) went off again today in Jerusalem, but I am perfectly fine. It's a little scary to run to a bomb shelter, though. I have no desire to ever hear that sound again. Hoping a ceasefire will be reached soon.

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Good news!

July 6th, 2012 (05:20 pm)

I just got my results back, so I am officially a person with a BA in Theology... and I got a First! 

(For those of you who aren't aware, that's the top grade of a degree. I was expecting the next level down, which is a 2.1.)


מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Glee, Kurt/Sebastian: "As Your Shadow Crosses Mine" (8.4/10)

Part Eight-Point-One

Part Eight-Point-Two

Part Eight-Point-Three

Once they were inside, Sebastian grabbed his hand and headed straight for the bar.Collapse )

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Glee, Kurt/Sebastian: "As Your Shadow Crosses Mine" (8.3/10)

Part Eight-Point-One

Part Eight-Point-Two

Sebastian seemed to look at him a little differently after that conversation.Collapse )

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Glee, Kurt/Sebastian: "As Your Shadow Crosses Mine" (8.2/10)

Part Eight-Point-One

Trigger Warning: Discussion of non/dub-con, plus victim blaming behaviour. 

"I think you and I are past assuming," Sebastian said, smiling with half his mouth.Collapse )

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

Glee, Kurt/Sebastian: "As Your Shadow Crosses Mine" (8.1/10)

Title: As Your Shadow Crosses Mine (8/10)
Pairings: Kurt/Sebastian (and, let's face it, Viola/Yitzie)
Rating/Warnings: R for language and sex. This part includes discussion of past dub/non-con, as well as victim blaming.

Spoilers: Goes AU after 3:10:  ‘Yes/No’
Wordcount: This part: 28,000

Notes: 1. The words ‘G-d’ and ‘L-rd’ are written as such. It’s a Jewish thing.
2. … I basically just wanted to write a story where Kurt and Sebastian become snarky BFFs. Based on this prompt.
3. This thing is officially my baby. Over 100,000 words now... and almost finished!

4. Here is the Discussion Post, for all those questions and arguments about background stories, Jewish culture, or what the hell so-and-so was thinking when they did such-and-such. :)
I do not own Glee and am making no profit from this piece of fiction. Title from Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’. 

Summary: Weeks after becoming suddenly single, while sitting across from Sebastian Smythe in the Lima Bean (who was doing Kurt’s homework for him, of all things), two things occurred simultaneously to Kurt: 1) he spent way too much time in the Lima Bean, and 2) he always ended up befriending people he hated.

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six (1, 2, 3) / Seven (1234)

Banner by fanarts_series

Kurt wasn't sure which of them was holding back, or if they both were...Collapse )

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]

On Fanfic

May 2nd, 2012 (04:26 pm)

After my exams, I am going to focus intensively on getting As Your Shadow Crosses Mine finished.

And then I am going to congratulate myself on writing a fic that isn't a wacky crossover by writing a Glee/Doctor Who Kurtbastian fic. Where Sebastian was once a TARDIS regular, and now gets picked up for occasional trips. And Kurt will be dragged unwillingly along for the ride. They can bond while trying to escape the Silence.

... I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but to hell with it all. I'm going to write DW/Glee Kurtbastian adventures because I deserve wacky adventures after writing 94,000 words (so far!) of surprisingly un-wacky fic.

ETA: And I will write the entire thing in present tense. That part will be the biggest challenge.

מִרְיָם רִבְקָה [userpic]


April 17th, 2012 (02:26 am)

I need to put some warnings on AYSCM on the kink meme, but I want to keep from spoiling people and I can't figure out how to do highlight-to-read text. So I'm putting them under a cut here.

Anyone who needs to check for trigger warnings, here is what to expect from the coming pieces of AYSCM:

Spoiler-y warnings under the cut.Collapse )

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